Question About Coordinates and BLS Estimator

Hello Everyone,

Once again I am uninformed and looking for some help. I would like to use the batch least squares estimator. My Observation measurements only include position and Absolute date. What class and constructor would be most useful for this? Time Stamped PVcoordinates with zero velocity?

Thanks for all your continued help! I am about to board a plane but will provide any other requested detail required when I land.


The position-only measurement has been added a few weeks ago in the development version, see

If you can use it, just grab the source from the git repository (beware to use the develop branch) and compile it by yourself. If you cannot use the development, you will have to wait one or two weeks as the next official release, which will be 9.3 will be released soon.

Using PV measurements with zero velocity will not work as the estimator will try to fit velocity to zero at each point…

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