Project proposal for SOCIS 2019: Orbit Determination with SatNOGS

ESA is launching a new Summer Of Code In Space (SOCIS, see in 2019.
SOCIS allows students to work on open source projects that are related to space. As usual, the Orekit project applied to be a mentoring organization.

We propose the following subject this year. Note that it is a joint proposal with Libre Space Foundation (see

The subject is to evaluate if it would be feasible to set up an orbit determination system based on Orekit and using the SatNOGS network.
Orekit already has all the needed building block for it (propagation, frames and time conversion, least
squares and Kalman orbit determination, several measurements types including Doppler, measurements generator for simulation…). If the antennas in SatNOGS network would be able to provide measured Doppler shifts, they could be used as measurements for an orbit determination.

The student work could be to simply prototype this by simulating measurements, based on the number of existing stations in SatNOGS network, and then estimated the Doppler measurements accuracy that would be needed for an operational system. The SatNOGS team could use this as a specification to have the antenna hardware/software produce measurements at this level of precision. Another possibility, if antennas are already able to produce Doppler shifts would be to really use them and perform a real orbit determination run.

Hi there @luc
I remember we shared mails and you helped me create a proposal on orbit determination in Orekit. The results of selection of project in SOCIS2019 were to be announced on 21st May and its 23rd of May today .Do you know any updates on this?
Whatever be the case , I am really interested to start this project first hand and I’ll start contributing in a couple of days, which irc is used to stay in touch?
Let me know.

I don’t have any news about selection process. In their last message ESA just told us the 21st may was a tentative schedule and that no action was required on our side.
Communication within the project is done on this forum, and bug/features tracker is done on our gitlab instance.

Dear @luc

We at the TU Berlin would like to work on a joint proposal TU Berlin - Orekit - SatNOGS for the verification of the OD based on orbit data. I wrote a separate topic for this: Proposal: On-orbit verification for SatNOGS orbit determination