Orekit Python Wrapper v10.0 available


As orekit 10.0 now is released, I am happy also to release v10.0 of the orekit python wrapper. This version includes all the changes of orekit java version and a number of updates & changes specific for the python version:

  • Rugged v2.1 included, should be considered experimental as there are no test cases yet, but basic interaction has been tested. Wrapping classes for interfaces and abstract classes included.
  • The specific classes for subclassing Java classes in Python are being transitioned from org.orekit.python to the same package as the original class. For v10 both places will be working.
  • A helper function “download_orekit_data_curdir()” has been included that fetches the latest orekit-data.zip from the orekit website.
  • Minor updates and bug fixes for wrapper classes. All interfaces and abstract classes in orekit and rugged should have wrapping classes available. Note that stuff not in test cases are by definition not tested :slight_smile:
  • Generated with JCC v3.5 plus latest patches from development

For documentation, the best are the wiki, the API for orekit and rugged, combined with the test cases at this moment.



As of now, the conda packages will soon be available. I need to review how to collect the full source, with the new placement of the wrappers, there are modified code sets for both orekit, rugged and Hipparchus:

With artifacts, test cases at:

Automated Build Magic at:

Best Regards

Many thanks @petrus.hyvonen.
You were impressively swift in adding the Rugged wrapper !! :clap::clap:

Thanks a lot for the good work, I just tested Rugged in Python, it works like a charm!