Orekit 9.3 is out, what's next?

Yes, there is no hurry with this one, especially as fixing it will certainly not break the API. So there is no problem if it is not fixed for 10.0.

There is still something pending: the update of the localized messages. 10 languages are actually provided, we can update some (by ourselves or asking acquaintances) but not all of them, and some are rather incomplete now (the German for example).
Should we ask for contributions through the forum (for updates or new languages) ? Should we drop some of them (Galician was a nice wink in the beginning but is hard to maintain) ?

I think we could ask on the forum. I can also ask to the SatNOGS guys if they could update the Greek file.
Please wait until I fix 547 as I have removed one obsolete message and added a new one.

Issue 547 has now been fixed, you can release whenever you want!

OK, I’ll start on it today.

Hi @evan.ward,

@bcazabonne is currently correcting an API issue on ambiguity resolution so we should wait a little again.

It should be done soon.

OK, thanks for the update. I’ll wait for that.

Hi again Evan,

We’ve started writing a release guide for Orekit, much like what is done in Hipparchus.
Here is the file release-guide.md (12.3 KB). We planned to add it in the Development section of the Maven site.

It is a plain copy/paste from Hipparchus site that needs to be updated for Orekit.
The idea was to write it while we were doing the release candidate. There is a big WE STOPPED HERE where we actually stopped this morning (after Updating Documentation section).

Do you think you’ll have time to finish writing the file while proceeding to the release ?
It could be a nice-to-have documentation for future releases, when it’s not Luc or you but beginners like us that do the release.

Note that the Maven plugins are already up to date. We did that last week and committed the new pom.xml on the develop branch.


We also started to modify the change.xml file with the list of the new features. Here is the file changes.xml (158.2 KB)


Issue is fixed.


I realized that I did not sent the correct changes.xml.
Here the good one : changes.xml (159.2 KB)

That’s a great idea with the release guide. I had started on it as well, but you were much further along. Feel free to continue and create the release. Otherwise I can start on it tomorrow morning.

Maxime and Bryan do not have the signing key yet and I cannot give it to them before a few days. Pascal does have it but will be on a business trip for the upcoming days. So you are the best candidate to do the release :wink:

You can start Evan :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve updated documentation and spent a while trying to get the ant build working.

I’m also going to make an update to AbsoluteDate so that it can be initialized before leap seconds are loaded.

:+1: and you should reference it guidelines.md file.

Have you noticed any steps in the release process that could be streamlined or automated?

OK, I’ve been updating the file as I go. It won’t be part of the release, but I’ll commit it to develop after the release.

There is nothing I’ve found so far that is easily automated.