Orekit 11.3 - Program

Hi Orekit Community!

Summer holidays are ending and it is time to think about releasing Orekit 11.3. Please find below a first draft for the 11.3 program:

  • A linear propagation model for covariance matrix
  • The Unscented Kalman Filter
  • The Unscented Semi-analytical Kalman Filter
  • An extremum approach detector
  • A utility class to handle CCSDS frames
  • The migration from JUnit 4 to JUnit 5
  • A new algorithm to solve the hyperbolic Kepler equation
  • A new method to access the measurement name (very useful for Python users)
  • Ephemeris based estimation to estimate measurement parameters
  • As usual, bug fixes and documentation improvements

Some of the previously enumerated features are already available in the develop branch while some other are fixed in merge requests and just need to be reviewed and merged.

It would be great if we can start the vote for releasing Orekit 11.3 by the end of the month.

What do you think about the program? Is there other things that you would like to include?

Best regards,

(Last update of the program: 22 Sept. 22)

Hey Bryan,

so you confirm that because of the new Kalman filter, this new version of Orekit will be based on the latest one of Hipparchus (2.2) that also contains some new things for the Taylor Differential Algebra? Btw @luc I just realized that even though it appears at a tagged version, it is not considered as the latest release by GitHub.

What about the CDM parser for 1.0.2 CCSDS version (pink book i.e. draft)?


Yes, I confirm :slight_smile:

The merge request is open an I think it is ready for review in order to be merged.


Thanks for the reminder. This is now fixed.

Nice program @bcazabonne :+1:

I think the forge and milestone are up to date with it, I spent some time a few days ago to tidy it up.

Thanks Bryan! Looks like a good set of new features.

There are a few MRs that are reviewed, approved, and ready. I haven’t merged them because I wasn’t sure who should press the merge button and which branch they should be merged to.

Sorry Evan I think the new contribution guide brought more confusion than clarity to the process.
I will try to improve it.
We can merge all validated 11.3 features on develop now that we know that next version will be a minor one and no a patch.

Ok, will do. I’m glad you’re working on improving the process. I’m just slow to learn :slight_smile:

Hey team,

Is it too late to add issue #963’s fixing to the program? It’s a rather basic sanity check on TDMs, it’s strange it didn’t get caught earlier.
Also, I recently encountered personally issue #947 and I would really appreciate if it was fixed sooner rather than later, as I think it compromises the use of the Brouwer-Lyddane model for osculating orbits quite a bit.


I don’t think is too late because the release process didn’t started. Do you want to fix it to celebrate your arrival in the Orekit Developers team? :slight_smile:

I also encountered it very recently. It is a very annoying issue. I think it is important to click on the :+1: icon when people faced an issue already open in the GitLab repository. This can help the development team to put priority on this type of issues.



@Serrof, issue #947 is a bug so it can be fixed in a patch version (which should normally be released more often).
Also the resolution doesn’t look trivial, @gc alread investigated it but it looks like it will need more work.
So unless someone can fix it before we’ve merged all the issue in 11.3 scope, I think we should release 11.3 as is and put this issue in our top priorities for the next patch.

I do agree, and I think the issue reported by @sebastien.herbiniere in this thread also compromises the use of BL, I’ll create an issue for it.