Orekit 11.3 for Python 3.11 available


As you may know, Python 3.11 is recently released with some quite nice new syntax and also an quite performance boost (in general). Orekit 11.3 is now available on conda-forge for this recent version, for windows & linux. I’m still having some build issues on osx.

as usual, install with

mamba (or conda) install -c conda-forge orekit

(mamba is a faster solver than conda, but works same way).


Ah and I could also mention as a side-note, that the alternative wrapping with jpype1 that I see as (even more) experimental is also updated, this one likely works on osx as well (much thinner wrapping). In many aspects it is quite interesting, but is not as full-featured as it cannot subclass java classes. It is not as limiting as it sounds as interfaces are implementable so still quite useful. As this is a “dynamic” wrapping on what is seen in the JVM at the moment, there isn’t the issue of casting for example. See included examples and test cases.

no conda package made for this,

mamba install -c conda-forge jpype1

and then install the code with pip install .

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Wow thank you Petrus, I’m impressed.
It’s really awesome to be able to use Python 3.11 so quick!


Hi Petrus,

Many thanks for the updated wrapper to 3.11! I was wondering if you had resolved the build issues on OSX. I ask selfishly as unfortunately I am both a mac user and also in need of the rinex file bug fix.

All the best,

Hi Paul,

Unfortionately the osx issue is not solved, I just updated to 11.3.1 but the mac build is still struggling. I have some feeling it is more on the infrastructure side (the build environment, versions etc) but not sure. I will try to have a look at it again now when I know someone is using it :slight_smile:

Thank you :slight_smile:


Still having troubles with the CI builds for osx, but it really seems to be something with the automated builds, and I’ve now got access to a very slow mac and can confirm it builds there.

If in high need, the procedure is:

check out the repository (or download zip) from GitHub - conda-forge/orekit-feedstock: A conda-smithy repository for orekit.

Open terminal, go to that directory and:

  • deactivate conda by conda deactivate
  • run export OSX_SDK_DIR=~/SDKs or somewhere at your preference
  • python3 build-locally.py and when you get a menu select the version to build

It takes some ages and a few more, after that you can install it with
conda install orekit --use-local

I have tried on osx 10.15.7 Catalina with Python 3.10.8.

If you do build, please let me know if it works.

This did not work for me, Mac Pro M2. 13.2.1

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for testing, could you share what the error messages were in the end of the build process?

I see you have the new mac architecture, I have been testing on a x86 based, if it is building for the arm architecture this is likely the problem, not yet supported in the core wrapper. I do think that the alternative implementation orekit-jpype should work on arm. Files · master · Petrus Hyvönen / orekit_jpype · GitLab