Orekit 10.2 is out, what's next?

Dear Orekit community,

Orekit 10.2 has been released the 15th of July 2020. Since the last release, a lot of bugs were fixed, and a lot of new features were developed, representing a total 41 issues tagged 10.3 in the Orekit issue tracker.

  • Fix of short period Jacobian calculation in DSST orbit determination
  • Fix Kalman issues
  • Fix CCSDS ADM issues
  • Relativistic clock correction for most of measurements
  • Piecewise model for empirical forces
  • One-way GNSS Range and Phase measurements
  • Support for Laser Ranging data (i.e. both CPF & CRD formats)
  • Lense-Thirring and De Sitter relativistic effects
  • Clock drift for RangeRate measurements
  • Support for AGI LeapSecond.dat files
  • New interfaces for attitude ephemeris files
  • Knocke model for Earth’s albedo and infrared
  • Possibility to use multiple handlers for one event detector
  • A lot of other issues fixed

Because we have developed a lot of new features since Orekit 10.2, it is time to think about the new Orekit release!

Are the previous features sufficient for a new release?
Do you have any feature under development to add in the program?

Best regards,

My opinion:

There is a lot of new features and bug fixed (41!). Furthermore, there are all compatible for a minor release of Orekit. Therefore, I propose to perform a 10.3 release of Orekit for the end of the year. I think it must be the last release of the 10.Y family. After 10.3 release, we could start to work on the next major release: the 11.0.

I just want to add #740 in the program. I need one day to perform the development.

If there is no new major contribution to add in the program, we can start the release vote next week, probably next Monday.

+1 for release 10.3 by the end of this year.
Nice work for all these fixes and new features :clap:

It is a solid set of features and bug fixes, so +1 for releasing 10.3 by the end of the year.

+1 too for releasing 10.3 by the end of the year
Nice work !!

I agree that the current state is worth publishing 10.3.
We could also bump Orekit dependency to recently released Hipparchus 1.8.

Yep! Sounds good to me, it fits well with a bit different Christmas :slight_smile:

Issue #740 is fixed into develop!

@luc I created an issue for switching Orekit dependency to Hipparchus 1.8 (#741).
Did you already started working on that or not ?

No, it is just a matter of changing the pom yet.
This will prepare for future work on looking on the FastMath.sin/FastMath.cos vs. FastMath.sinCos and
the SinCos addition and subtraction later on. You can start this conversion pass too, but the pom is the priority.

I will change the pom and looking on the FastMath.sin/FastMath.cos vs. FastMath.sinCos. I quickly look at into Orekit and there is not a lot of places where FastMath.sin/FastMath.cos are called successively for the same angle. SinCos addition and subtraction can be done later (i.e. for the next version).

There are some in Eckstein-Hechler (and were addition could be useful). See around line 664 in EcksteinHechlerPropagator.java (and probably in the field version too).

There is a lot of places where the change FastMath.sin/FastMath.cos to FastMath.sinCos can be performed (TLE, GeodeticPoint to calculate Zenith/North/Up coordinates, models package, etc.). It’s not a funny task but I’m working on it. :slightly_smiling_face:


All the changes were performed. I also try to use SinCos.sum(...) when it was possible.

I don’t know if there is an improvement on the calculation time. I think so. Following is the duration of the tests of the 5 previous run of the CI tool in develop branch: 20.44s ; 20.48s ; 26.12s ; 25.44s ; 24.29s. After the change, the duration is 19.31s.
I don’t know if it’s a stroke of luck or a real improvement. The positive point is that calculation time did not increased!

I think that everything is ready to start the release process. If you agree, I will start it tomorrow in order to have a vote starting Monday


+1 to start the release process

+1 for freezing the version as is for releasing 10.3.

:+1: for releasing

+1 for starting the release process of v10.3. Big thanks to everyone involved !