Migration of the Orekit development platform and website

Dear all,

CS GROUP decided to gradually migrate the resources (virtual machines and domain names) rented for Orekit and the related projects from Gandi to OVH.

This migration will start soon and will spread on several weeks, depending on the availability of the sysadmin team and, above all, on the Orekit project roadmap (we will try not to disturb your release plan).

The first step will probably be the one that will cause the most disturbance. We will transfer the domain names from Gandi to OVH. This may cause name resolution problems (and therefore access to the platform) for a day, because once the transfer is done, we will have to migrate the DNS zone and we will have to wait for the information to spread. To limit the disruption, we will carry out this transfer on Friday.

I transferred last night to OVH the domain name hipparchus.org. The transfer went well, but it caused the unavailability of services for a couple of hours. I am going to proceed to the same transfer of orekit.org and orekit.space domain names in the next few hours.

So don’t be surprised if you can’t access the services for a few hours. Everything should be back in order by tonight or tomorrow morning.

The management of all domain names is now transferred to OVH and the information seems to have been propagated to all DNS (this was not yet the case in the middle of the morning)… If you notice any malfunction on any web site or application related to Oreki or Hipparchus, don’t hesitate to tell me here or in private.


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