Is the method "getPartialDensities" of Atmosphere removed?

Amosphere of Orekit 8 has getPartialDensities.

But it seems to have been removed since Orekit 9.
Can I use getPartialDensities on the latest version of Orekit?

Hi ymoon,

This method is not available anymore. It was present only in the DTM2000 model, and not in the general Atmosphere interface, which must also support JB2008, HarrisPriester and NRLMSISE2000. There is rumor (from an atmosphere symposium a few years ago) that DTM2000 model is poor outside of its definition altitude range and should not be used anymore.

The implementation of the getPartialDensities method relied also on state being preserved between calls to getDensity and getPartialDensities, which lead to hard to solve problems when two different propagators in two different threads used the same atmosphere model. This is the reason why it was removed on 2017-07-05 as per commit 8d1a8c.

If you need this method, the only solution I see is to just copy the class from before commit 8d1a8c in your own code with a different name.

Thank you for the information.

I thought the total density is calculated by summing the partial densities.
If so, there may be a simple method to get the partial ones.
That’s why I asked.
Thank you.