Is the ephemeris generated by EphemerisGenerator immutable?

I ask specifically for the case of AbstractIntegratedPropagators. From reading the source code it looks like the StoringStepHandler returns a new (BoundedPropagator) IntegratedEphemeris instance whenever the method is called. However, they all share the DenseOutputModel.

Does this mean that successive calls to propagate() will override the data in my first ephemeris?

If so, is there a way of doing a deep copy of the DenseOutputModel to prevent future changes on my Ephemeris?

For me, it makes sense that the StoringStepHandler is bounded to the propagator, but I think the instances obtained through getGeneratedEphemeris() should be independent. Maybe by creating a new DenseOutputModel before resuming propagation after the method GenerateEphemeris() has been called.