How to set satellite mass in SGP4 orbit determination

Hi all,

I am trying for the first time the new SGP4 orbit determination feature. I could not find where to set the satellite mass.
Part of my code is the following:

matrix_decomposer = QRDecomposer(1e-11)
optimizer = GaussNewtonOptimizer(matrix_decomposer, False)
tle_prop_builder = TLEPropagatorBuilder(tle_initial, PositionAngle.MEAN, estimator_position_scale)

estimator = BatchLSEstimator(optimizer, tle_prop_builder)

[...]  # Add measurements

estimated_propagator_array = estimator.estimate()

When using a numerical propagator, I was setting up the mass in the numerical propagator builder:

propagator_builder = NumericalPropagatorBuilder(orbit_initial_cartesian,
                                                integrator_builder, PositionAngle.MEAN, estimator_position_scale)

Maybe the mass is not relevant in SGP4? Then in this case why is it required in the SGP4 propagator constructor?


Mass is irrelevant in the physical model SGP4/SDP4, but required in Orekit by all propagators in order to build a SpacecraftState. It is exactly the same as attitude provider, for the same reason.

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Thank you Luc!