How to get current step size from AdaptiveStepSizeIntegrator?

Hello fellow Orekit members,

I would like to know if there is a way to get the step size wrt time of an adaptive step size integrator. I am propagating from an initial state over 1 day with an output step of 2 min and I am adding a simulated manoeuvre of 10s at a certain time (for example between two states separated by 2 min). And I would like to see if the integrator reduces its step size when approaching the manoeuvre.

An other related question, when propagating with a manoeuvre, is it better to use an adaptive step integrator or a fixed one ?

Thank you for your help !


Hi Sacha,

Perhaps not the most straight forward, but you can use a OrekitStepHandler and then check if the start/end of each step is interpolated or not. If it is not interpolated then it is a point evaluated by the integrator. See OrekitStepInterpolator (ORbit Extrapolation KIT 11.0-SNAPSHOT API)