How to define a rectangular field of view?

Is there somewhere an example how to define a rectangular field of view with orekit, such as it is defined by its roll and pitch angles from the nadir pointing ?
Thanks !

Hi @agnes.francastel

You can look at DoubleDihedraFieldOfView,it is intended for this specific purpose.

Thanks, perfect ! It worked as I need.

May I ask you an other question : how do I do to compute accesses between 2 FieldOfView which are both linked to satellites ?

If they are both linked to the same satellite (like overlapping each other), then you could use BooleanDetector.

If they are linked to different satellites (for example stereoscopic observation from two different directions), then you will probably need to do it in two passes: one for the first satellite that will give you access intervals (you can store them in a TimeSpanMap for example), and then a second pass with the second satellite and combining the FoV detector of the second satellite with the access intervals from the first satellite (perhaps using EventEnablingPredicateFilter).

Doing both paths simultaneously using PropagatorsParallelizer is unfortunately not possible. This is a current limitation of PropagatorsParallelizer which supports multi-sat step handlers, but not mul-sat events handlers. This is something we would like to add, but don’t know yet how to do.

In my case, it is for a reciprocal observation of the 2 satellites.

Also I have a FieldOfView related to a ground point and a FieldOfView related to a satellite.