getFootprint method availability using python wrapper

The getFootprint() method within the source code does not appear in the API and is unavailable while using the orekit python wrapper, is this intentional? Many thanks

Hi Cherryssa!

That method is not a public one and thus not part of the open API:

I cannot say if this is by intention or a bug, maybe someone who has been using this code knows? Looking at the code it indeed do look like it may be intended to be open.

But this is why the python wrapper do not wrap it, it only wraps the public parts.

Best Regards

It is indeed a bug.
The method was added in early 2016 (see commit ce210c1eab), advertised in the change notes and intended for public. Could you file a bug report in our issue tracker?

Great find @cherryssa, I created Issue #570 for this,

Thanks @petrus.hyvonen @luc for the support :smile: