getDeclination() of GeoMagneticElements

Hi guys,

a very simple question.
the description of this methods (getDeclination() and getInclination() are not very clear and I don’t understand which angle are calculated here.
And then… how can I calculate the angular distance between my point in orbit and the geomagnetic horizontal plane?

Thank you very much

Hi @jordan_93

The declination is the magnetic declination. It refers to the angle between magnetic North and true North.

The inclination is the inclination angle. It refers to the angle between the magnetic field vector and the horizontal plane (inclination is positive when the magnetic field points downward into the earth and negative when it points upward).

Honestly, I don’t know… :sweat_smile:
I think the method Vector3D.angle(v1, v2) could be very useful. With v1 the magnetic field vector and v2 the line of sight vector from the reference station (the location where the gemagnetic field is computed) to the target spacecraft.

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