Estimating percentage coverage of a satellite

I am creating a tool that would be able to calculate how much of an area of interest is within a propagated satellite’s FOV for a given time interval. I am new to the library so my initial research led me utilize the FootprintOverlapDetector class. Specifically, I want to adjust the g-function so that it counts how many sample points are within the zone and would return the percentage - simply count_points_within_zone/len(SamplePointsList).

I would like to ask if I am on the right track or there are more efficient ways of doing so?

I think your method should work, but beware this computation will be either very slow if you use a very fine grid, or very inaccurate if you use a coarse grid. Probably somewhere in the middle, it will be both slow and inaccurate :sob:

There are currently no way to do this efficiently.

We have another discussion pending about something akin: but we did not make progress there either.

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Hey! I was wondering if you have achieved what you wanted to? I have a similar task and I am also using FootprintOverlapDetector class. I struggle with extracting the info about a recorded area within a target region.