EphemerisFile, EphemerisFileParser Examples?

Hi, I’d like to read in an ephemeris file from another source and was wondering if anyone had any examples of how to use EphemerisFile or EphemerisFileParser?


Hi greg,

EphemerisFile and EphemerisFileParser are two interfaces so you can not use them directly. Two cases are thus possibles:

  • You can implement these interfaces and create your own parser depending the nature of your file.
  • You can have a look on Orekit implementations of these interfaces and see if they answer your request. These implementations are located into org.orekit.files.sp3 or org.orekit.files.ccsds packages


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Hi Bryan,

Thanks for clearing this up. I’m still relatively new to java and the concept of interfaces if still a little iffy for me. I had scanned the examples, but didn’t find anything. I’ll look at those examples.

Thanks again,