Edit Init date in Orbit Determination

Hi, everyone

I have a question. I want to change the Init time to perform the OD using OrbitDetermination.java in the tutorial. So I changed orbit.date to a different time in orbit-determination.in file. and then when I run the OrbitDetermination.java, I was faced with a error, ‘altitude is below the 120,000 m allowed threshold’. But my orbit’s semi-major axis is 7000km, eccentricity is about zero. Maybe Altitude is about 700km.
How should I address the problem?


Hi @Diamond

What is your date? Because measurements are between 2010-11-02T03:00:13.3851 and 2010-11-02T18:47:33.5656 for this tutorial. Maybe your date is too far of this interval.
Did you only change the orbit.date parameter or you changed other parameters ?