EcksteinHechler Propagator Exception


I’m working with the EcksteinHechlerPropagator and sometines orekit throws an exception : TRAJECTORY_INSIDE_BRILLOUIN_SPHERE. Could you explain to me the meaning of this exception? And how to avoid it?

For your information, I replaced this propagator with a keplerianPropagator and I have no error with the latter.

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Hi @Tintin

This exception occurs when the semi major axis of the orbit is smaller than the reference radius of the central body attraction model.

In order to help you fixing this issue could you show us how do you initialize the Eckstein-Hechler orbit propagator?

Please note that, according to the Orekit’s documentation, the Eckstein-Hechler model is suited for near circular orbits (e < 0.1, with poor accuracy between 0.005 and 0.1) and inclination neither equatorial (direct or retrograde) nor critical (direct or retrograde).

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