DSST HEO propagation error

Hello dear Orekit community,

While studying the effects of PV variations in the initial state-vector on long-term dynamics of HEO satellites, I have encountered an error message for one particular semi-major axis value:

My initial cartesian state vector in the GCRF frame is the following:
x=-9553881.856064696 [m]
y=-10503594.41438614 [m]
z=-8565090.084354697 [m]
vx=-1824.5510030089001 [m/s]
vy=3055.9242374579967 [m/s]
vz=5489.458401391574 [m/s]
with a satellite mass of 1186kg, an initial date datetime(2010, 1, 1, 12, 0, 0) and a propagation target date datetime(2023, 5, 3, 0, 0, 0).
I use a 50x50 Earth gravitational model and only take into account lunisolar third-body perturbations.
I also use a Dormand-Prince integration method to the fifth order, with a position tolerance of 1e-5 m, a minimum step of 0.01s and a maximum step of 172800s.

I have tried to propagate the exact same satellite using a numerical propagator and it worked just fine, so the issue seems to be with the DSST propagator only. Moreover, when adding or subtracting 100km to the semi-major axis, the orbit propagation works just fine… so this is maybe due to lunar resonant behaviour?
Anyway, I have been trying to find a similar case to this issue on the forum, and HansenObjects related errors seem to be quite tricky. Could you have an explanation for this one?


Hi @Goulven

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A similar bug has been fixed in Orekit 11.0. What version of Orekit do you use?


Hello @bcazabonne,

Thank you for your reply!
I am currently using version 11.2.


Ok, I think you encountered the same but as @Serrof

Could you open an issue in the Gitlab repository?

Having a test case reproducing the issue woud be greatly appreciated :slight_smile:


Hello @bcazabonne,

Thanks again for your reply.

Indeed, both initial orbit and propagation are in mean as well in my case.

Sure, I will do that!