Contributing orbit propagator for Intelsat's 11 elements

Hi all!

The ITU-R defines a standard for the propagation of the “Intelsat’s 11 elements”. Those elements are used by some ground operators for geostationary satellites. The format is available here:!!pdf-e.pdf

The idea of propagating Intelsat’s 11 elements for geostationary satellites is close to GNSS almanac for navigation satellites: No perturbations in the equations, only elements to PV conversion.

We developed at Airbus an orbit propagator extending AbstractAnalyticalPropagator able to propagate those elements. We would be pleased to contribute it to Orekit!

This propagator in available in STK. We validated our Orekit-based implementation with STK. We also used some Intelsat date to validate it.

Is it OK for the contribution?


Nice! +1 for the contribution, of course!

Awesome @bcazabonne , +1 on my end as well.

Great, this would be appriciated! +1

+1 of course

Done: Added support for Intelsat's 11 elements propagation. (!464) · Merge requests · Orekit / Orekit · GitLab