Class diagrams and architecture of the Forces package

Dear Colleagues,

I looked for the architecture (UML?) diagrams for the Forces package (org.orekit.forces) and I wasn’t able to find them here. I am using the libraries of the development branch but it seems that the diagrams are missing from the official releases as well.

Are the architecture diagrams available somewhere?

Before I asked this question I tried to run PlantUML but I think there’s something wrong with its installation on my computer so I didn’t make much progress.

Thank you.


There is no UML diagram for the force models in Orekit. You can look at for instance the diagrams related to the propagation methods. All the Orekit’s diagram are available is the src/design folder of the project.

Are you using an IDE such as Eclipse? I know there is a PlantUML plugin available. The main difficulty is to have a correct version of Graphviz installed in your computer. Another solution could be to use the online PlantUML Editor to see Orekit’s diagrams. You can directly copy and past the diagram from @startuml to @enduml.


Thank you Bryan. I am using Visual Studio Code and there’s PlantUML plug-in for it. I’m downloading it now and give it a try. It looks like it takes a bit of tweaking.