Changing MSFC values for solar activity prediction

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I am currently trying to get a value for the solar flux using the code below:

cswl = CssiSpaceWeatherData("SpaceWeather-All-v1.2.txt")

I was hoping to use 95% value for MSFC. I was wondering how one can see what value is currently being used, and how to change it? I was unable to find any information online about this.

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Hi @ben.hayward,

You are using CSSI solar activity data instead of Marshall solar activity data.

What you have to do is to create a Marshall model using its constructor: MarshallSolarActivityFutureEstimation(String supportedNames, StrengthLevel strengthLevel).

For supportedNames parameter, you can use the default one: MarshallSolarActivityFutureEstimation.DEFAULT_SUPPORTED_NAMES
For the strenghLevel parameter, if you want to use 95% value, you can use StrengthLevel.STRONG.

Finally, you can try something like:

msafe = MarshallSolarActivityFutureEstimation(MarshallSolarActivityFutureEstimation.DEFAULT_SUPPORTED_NAMES,

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