Bug/Improvement CRDParser for .np2 SLR files

Hello all,

Much work has been done over the past year in improving the CRD parsers; however, a few bugs still persist. For CDDIS SLR data, a new CRD version (.np2) was released in August of 2022. There were a few significant changes, one of which was to mark fields that were not applicable or empty with “na” instead of “-1” or “0”. This appears to cause an error when using CRDParser(). If the file is modified to replace these “na” values with “-1” or “0” as in previous versions, a new error is raised similar to CRDParser’s COMMENTS error seen a few years ago, raising a “java.lang.IllegalStateException: stream has already been operated upon or closed” exception. I am using version 11.3.2 of Orekit’s Python wrapper, and as a result have not been able to debug much further. I would appreciate a second test by another before creating a Gitlab issue however; I’ve attached an example .np2 file here for reference.

Thank you!
ajisai_20230417.np2.txt (54.1 KB)

Hi @Jon_Hood !

Could you open an issue on the Gitlab repository?

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Sure; opened an issue here.

Great! Thank you!


I think @lirw1984 has been working on improvements on the CRD parser for over a year now. See his merge request and related issue.
His (huge) contribution had to wait for a major version so we’ll have to merge it for v12.
@Jon_Hood maybe you could work together with Li on this merge request and see if some of your needs are not covered by what’s already been done so far.