Bug/Improvement CRDParser for .np2 SLR files

Hello all,

Much work has been done over the past year in improving the CRD parsers; however, a few bugs still persist. For CDDIS SLR data, a new CRD version (.np2) was released in August of 2022. There were a few significant changes, one of which was to mark fields that were not applicable or empty with “na” instead of “-1” or “0”. This appears to cause an error when using CRDParser(). If the file is modified to replace these “na” values with “-1” or “0” as in previous versions, a new error is raised similar to CRDParser’s COMMENTS error seen a few years ago, raising a “java.lang.IllegalStateException: stream has already been operated upon or closed” exception. I am using version 11.3.2 of Orekit’s Python wrapper, and as a result have not been able to debug much further. I would appreciate a second test by another before creating a Gitlab issue however; I’ve attached an example .np2 file here for reference.

Thank you!
ajisai_20230417.np2.txt (54.1 KB)

Hi @Jon_Hood !

Could you open an issue on the Gitlab repository?

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Sure; opened an issue here.

Great! Thank you!


I think @lirw1984 has been working on improvements on the CRD parser for over a year now. See his merge request and related issue.
His (huge) contribution had to wait for a major version so we’ll have to merge it for v12.
@Jon_Hood maybe you could work together with Li on this merge request and see if some of your needs are not covered by what’s already been done so far.


Hi, @Jon_Hood,

Long time no login.

Yes. I have done some work for fully parsing of CRD files.
Do you check it? Is that suitable for you? Or any suggestion?

Hello @lirw1984 ,

Apologies for my much belated response, but yes, according to the modifications you’ve described it seems those edits would directly solve the issues I’ve encountered. Can’t wait to see it in action!

Jonathan Hood