Attitude Provider Bdot

Hi Orekit forum!
I would like to know if someone implemented already an attitude provider that follows the GeoMagnetic field.
In ADCS control, it would be a Bdot attitude mode.
Is there any implemented solutions?

I was thinking in creating this custom provider by @Override of the getAttitude() function, considering Declination and Inclination angles (really rough ideas on that).

Any suggestion more than welcome!


I am not aware of any such implementation. Contribution welcome!

I created a branch and work from there.
Files · issue-2120 · Alberto Ferrero / Orekit · GitLab.
Please tell me if the naming is ok.

Hi @alberto-ferrero,

Could you open an issue on the Gitlab issue tracker saying that you want to implement this new detector ?
Then you’ll get the number of the issue XXX, and you can call your branch issue-XXX.
That being said the name of the branch on your fork does not really matter, you can name it however you want (but please open the issue :wink: )

Cheers and thanks for the contribution !