An error I find in the tutorial doc
I’ve recently been learning the orekit,it’s wonderful work.But I’ve got some questions.In this tutorial about propagator usage example,it’s wrong about the TutorialStepHandler class derived from the interface OrekitFixedStepHandler.The input parameters of handleStep are wrong.I guess it’s an example for the old version of Orekit.

What’s more,I have encountered this kind of circumstances serveral times.A number of code examples of different versions often got me confused.As I am new to Orekit and Java,it’s really important for me to learn from the tutorials.Hope the crew could update them in time and mark the version differences.Thank you!

Hi @AstroL

Good catch!
Could you open an issue on the issue tracker of the Orekit tutorials?

We will fix these documentation issues as soon as possible.

Best regards,

OK,I have done that.

Thank you.