Add a new category: Orekit Python Wrapper usage

With more and more Orekit Python Wrapper users, I would like to know if you are interested to add a new category on the forum: Orekit Python Wrapper usage

Thank you for your reply,

Hi Bryan,

Yes maybe this is a good idea to collect some of the Python-specific things that occur. Can be somehow a good source of documentations. Some things in the Python wrapper are not neccessary obvious nor well documented. :slight_smile:


I see that this proposal has only positive feedback.
I propose to open this new category.
Since I don’t have administrator rights, @sdinot will you be able to open this new category when you have time?
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May be we should move at least the more recent topics related to the Python Wrapper in this category?

Thank you Sébastien.

Yes, I think.

Could you confirm that the topics to be moved in the new category are:

I think that the following topics should be associated to other categories:

I confirm.

I also confirm.

That’s done.


Some other that can be moved as well:


That’s done too.

Thanks for the check @petrus.hyvonen.

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