3D range bias in orbit determination with SLR

Hello, everyone:
I’m a new user of orekit, and I have a question in orbit determination with SLR (satellite laser ranging).
Recently, I’m trying to use orekit-tutorials to test the ability of orekit in orbit determination with SLR. But I noticed a question, that is not all reflectors are evenly distributed on the surface of the satellite. Sometimes they just hide at the bottom of the satellite. It means there should be a 3D range bias, but there is only 1D range bias in not only orekit-tutotials but also orekit 10.3. I have tried adding OnBoardAntennaRangeModifier in YAML file, but it doesn’t work.
Could anyone tell me witch class could add this 3D range bias ? Or how to modify the tutotials program to make this 3D bias come true? Thank you very much!!!

Hi @lump,

You are right, the OnBoardAntennaRangeModifier is especially designed to handle offset
between the on-board equipment that acts as the receiver/transmitter with respect to the
satellite center of gravity. The tutorial should already support this, but unfortunately it seems this was forgotten in the readCrd method from AbstractOrbitDetermination.java (it is taken into account in the readMeasurements and in the readRinex methods, though).

So I would suggest you to open an issue, and perhaps to modify yourself the readCrd method (look how the satAntennaRangeModifier is used in the two other methods). If you do so, then you could contribute the fix to your own issue!

Got it, thank you very much! @luc